Spokane DUI And Criminal Defense Attorney

If you've been charged with a crime, your future is on the line. A conviction will bring fines, possible prison time and leave a permanent mark on your criminal record. You need a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for you, your innocence and your future.

At the Spokane, Washington, Law Office of Jacqueline Porter, we are committed to your defense. We know everyone is innocent until proven guilty. No matter how serious your criminal charges, we will fight with you to get the best resolution possible.

No attorney can guarantee a specific outcome, but we can guarantee that, with us, you will get the BEST SHOT at the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME that you can get.

We Will Fight With You And We Will Fight For You

Don't face your criminal charges alone. The government has a team of experienced lawyers working hard to "prove" your guilt. You need someone just as experienced fighting in your corner.

At the Law Office of Jacqueline Porter, we work for you. We take the time to explain your criminal charges to you. We want to understand your fears and your goals. Together, we will review all of your legal options and choose the path — whether negotiating a plea deal or fighting in court — that is right for you.

Our firm provides strong defense against a wide range of criminal charges, including everything from DUI/DWI offenses and license suspensions, to domestic violence, assault and juvenile crimes.

Prepared, Skilled And Effective

Our attorney, Jacqueline Porter, is highly skilled in criminal defense. We know the best way to get results is through hard work and thorough preparation.

Our office begins each case with a thorough investigation of each client's charges. We use a variety of legal tools, including digital forensics and a private investigator, to gather evidence and build a strong defense. Once we have your case fully developed we will work with the prosecution to have your case dismissed or negotiate a plea deal. However, if prosecutors refuse to negotiate or you prefer to fight for your innocence in court, we are ready and willing to litigate.

Stand up for your rights, your innocence and your future. Contact our DUI and criminal defense attorney, Jacqueline Porter, at 509-342-7630 or 800-505-1533. Consultations are free.